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Conductor makes it easy to review your progress at a glance. Each sprint in your project has a progress indicator on the project overview page.

Project setup

Creating a new project is a single easy step. You can invite others to join in on your project by simply inviting them from the project management page.

Sprints and Tags

Organize deliverables and plan delivery with sprints and tags. Sprints are short term goals that get you to the finish line.


Create tickets in your project to manage the tasks you have to complete. Tickets are short, simple objectives. Each ticket can be assigned to a sprint. It's easy to capture multiple tickets with our " Create another " button.


Users can comment on a ticket they are participating on. They can also upload files or change the status of a ticket. All comments are attributed to the user who made them, so it's easy to see the life of a ticket as it flows between users