Simple Ticketing and Project Management

Get projects out the door faster and with less hassle. Organise your projects with tags and sprints and start getting things done!

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Set up a new project in one simple and easy step. Choose a name and decide if it's a public project or not, and you are on your way!


Tag your tickets and access any tag grouping easily with quick searches.


Delivery is managed through sprints. Each sprint has a due date to help you manage deadlines and delivery schedules.


Tickets are what it's all about. Each task in your project is represented by a ticket. Attach files, estimate effort and schedule a ticket into a sprint for implementation.


Getting others to help out on your project is easy: just invite them from the project page! All you need is their email address. Conductor will notify them of your invitation and provide instructions on how to get started.


We aim to provide a quick and easy project overview. Track implementation and delivery at a glance, or drill down into sprints for more detail.